HVS Quattro


Typical applications

Food & Beverage
tomato paste (concentrate), double concentrated tomato paste, tomato puree, tomato pulp, fruit and vegetable concentrate, fruit pulp or base, sauce concentrate, glucose syrup, maltose syrup, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or glucose-fructose syrup (GFS), oat syrup, caramel, peanut butter, almond paste, mayonnaise, nougat paste, chocolate, fudge, cream, beverage base.
Cosmetics & Pharma
cosmetic and pharma vaseline, ointment, cream & lotion, semi-solid wax/paraffin, glycerine, oil, lip gloss, mascara, facial cleanser, facial mask.
Grease, including heavy duty Lithium-based NLGI class 3 grease, ink, paint, resin, coating and sealing compounds.

Simplify the unloading of highly viscous liquids with our High Viscosity System Quattro-type (HVS Quattro). It is designed for high-volume applications where multiple drums (typically four) are stored on pallets. The HVS Quattro allows you to switch between the drums easily, thanks to our revolutionary articulated arm. Experience an impressive product removal rate of up to 99% which will reduce your production costs.

Our HVS Quattro drum unloading solution incorporates a sanitary double diaphragm pump with built-in lifting and lowering functions, designed for the swift and efficient unloading of 200-liter drums. This mobile system ensures the rapid extraction of contents, such as double-concentrated tomato paste, from a drum in less than two minutes, highlighting its exceptional speed and effectiveness in real-world applications.


  • Easiest unloading of 4 drums stored on a pallet one by one, with a convenient exchanging of the drums thanks to the included articulated arm.
  • Quick unloading of the drums: up to 400 liters per minute, depending on the liquid properties and discharge pressure.
  • 99% product extraction: product savings thanks to the applied scraping lid.
  • High process safety and time-saving benefits: brought by the control system.