Tapflo TCM Hose

Technical data

DIA Wall thickness, mm Bend radius, mm Working pressure, bar Burst pressure, bar Weight, kg/mrt
1/2" 0.82 25 50 250 0.14
5/8" 0.88 35 35 250 0.16
3/4" 1.0 55 50 290 0.39
1" 1.1 85 40 210 0.54
1.25" 1.15 100 25 210 0.68
1.5" 1.45 120 25 175 1.11
2" 1.5 165 20 135 1.71
2.5" 1.6 230 14 60 2.14
3" 1.6 260 12 65 3.31
4" 1.82 300 10 40 4.05

Pressure values above are calculated at ambient temperatures. Apply pressure derating scale at elevated and sub zero temperatures for more details please contact our office. If higher working pressures are reuired please consult our offices.

Please note that the pressures listed above are for the hose element of the assembly only and that the choice of end connection may reduce the overall working pressure of the assembly as a whole.

All Tapflo Hose Assemblies are supplied fully tested and certified. CE and ATEX certs availible on request.


Tapflo TCM is a very flexible, deep-convoluted PTFE hose.TCM hoses offer exceptional flexibility with great vacuum and kink resistance, these hoses are helically wound and are self draining.

Tapflo TCM hoses are availible with a range of different outer braidings such as polyproplyene, 304 stainless steel and hastelloy. When required our outer braids can also be covered by Vulcanised EPDM or Silicone outer covers.

Tapflo TCM hoses can be supplied in either FDA approved virgin PTFE or in FDA approved ATEX rated conductive PTFE. We can also offer these hoses with an extensive range of fitting types in materials such as 316 Stainless steel, PTFE lined and Hastelloy.

Tapflo TCM hoses are ideal for transfer applications in the food, chemical,pharmaceutical and bio pharmaceutical industries. Tapflo TCM hoses offer great flexibility and are very easy for operators to work with, making them ideal as short flexible connections betweem piplines and plant.

Tapflo TCM hoses are suitable for temperatures from -70 degC to 260 deg C and are full Vacuum rated.

Features & Benefits

  • Excelent Flexibility. Convolutions allow tight bends and short lengths
  • Excellent chemical resistancee. Suitable for use with nearly all chemicals
  • Self Cleaning. Helical concolution allow self draining
  • Hygienic design. FDA approved PTFE