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CTS is an open impeller self-priming centrifugal pump, manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel.The self-priming feature allows to use the pump in applications where standard CT pumps do not prove useful. The CTS pump is capable of creating up to 4,5 m of suction lift.

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There are two executions available: Standard – Industrial (CTS I) and Hygienic (CTS H):

CTS H with excellent electro polished surfaces, FDA approved seals, high finish and mechanical strength, meet the demands from food and sanitary applications.

CTS I with AISI 316L chemical resistance and mechanical strength is a reliable choice for industrial applications.

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Self-priming vs. standard centrifugal pump comparsion

The CTS pump is a great alternative to our standard CT pumps when the self-priming ability is needed. 
By replacing only one element -  the casing  with a self-priming chamber – we can achieve various advantages for our pump. 
The pump can now suck the liquid form a lower level than it is positioned or handle liquids with high content of air. 
The construction of the pump chamber ensures that there is always enough liquid left inside in order to prime the pump after stoppage.

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Performance curves

The performance curves are based on water at 20°C. Other circumstances will affect the performance. These curves are only for first selection, contact us for detailed curves with required power, NPSH etc.

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Technical data


General Dimensions

Dimensions in table are the same for CTS H and CTS I

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Connection dimensions

*This dimension may vary depending on motor brand

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