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CTM pumps are used in most industries where liquids are pumped. The pumps handle many types of low and normal viscous clean liquids such as chemical aggressive and toxic.




Typical applications 

Industry Example of application
Chemical stockists   Transfer of various chemicals from  storage tanks to smaller containers
Surface treatment  Transfer, filtering and circulation of  surface treatment baths
Food and beverage   Pumping of CIP detergent used for  cleaning of pipes and other food  process equipment
Water treatment  Dosing of acids and alkalis used as  cleaning chemicals in nanofiltration
Chemical manufacture  Pumping of chemicals in industrial  detergent equipment
Demineralizing  Demi-water circulation and transfer  in many industrial applications
Photo processing  Transfer of photo develop chemicals  and inclusion in processing  machines
Liquid crystal manufacture  Pumping of concentrated acids and  alkalis

Material of components

Component Material/Info
Pump casing and isolation shell
(rear casing)
 PP (GF 30 %) or  PVDF
Impeller  PP or PVDF
Lantern (not wetted)  PP (GF 30 %)
Static bushings  Ceramic (standard)  or SiC
Rotation bushings  Charbographite  (standard) or SiC
O-rings  FXM (standard),  EPDM orFFKM Kaflon
Magnets  NdFeB




Technical data

CTM Technical data

Key components

CTM is a close coupled compact pump ideal for service in little spaces like in OEM installations.
Non-metallic pumps
The wetted components are non-metallic injection moulded thermoplastics enabling excellent corrosion resistance.
The version in PP-GF (glass fibre reinforced polypropylene) provides great mechanical strength and allows liquid temperatures up to 70°C.
The PVDF (PolyVinylidine DiFluoride) version has the superior chemical resistance and allows temperatures up to 80°C. 

The reliable design without shaft

The impeller magnet assembly is designed with very powerful bushings where a conventional crack sensitive shaft is not needed. This results in a pump that has fewer parts and is very reliable in service.

Excellent performance with magnet cage system

Our magnets in NdFeB (Neodymium-iron-boron) with our patent pending magnet cage system have a superior strength also under demanding circumstances. The power from the drive is transmitted even at high temperatures and with high specific gravity liquids.


1. Pump casing
2. Impeller (with magnet)
3. External magnet (drive)
4. Isolation shell (rear casing)
5. Static bushing
6. Rotating bushing



The magnet cage system


Working principle

CTM working principle.en

How they work

The power from the motor is transmitted to the centrifugal impeller by means of a magnetic coupling. A so called isolation shell between the drive magnet and the impeller magnet separate the liquid side from the drive.

Working principle
1) Drive magnet, connected to the motor
2) Isolation shell (rear housing) separating the liquid side from the atmosphere
3) Impeller magnet assembly, driven by the drive magnet

function CTM pump.en



FDA §21 CFR 177 materials
FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) §21 CFR 177 lists polymers, e.g. rubber and plastic materials approved for equipment in contact with food products.

EN 10204

EN 10204 material traceability
The EN 10204 norm gives you a checklist and traceability of materials used in the equipment. 2.1 is a general statement of compliance with material specifications, while 3.1 provides specific track records all the way to the steel mill batch (normally only on metals in contact with the product).


CE conformance
A product classified as machinery that carries the CE mark fulfill the essential health and safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC.


ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
Equipment intended and approved for safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. The equipment is divided in main groups, categories, apparatus groups and temperature classes to define its suitability in the actual zone.


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